Capital Preservation Strategies

Preserve Your Legacy

The choices you make today will help determine your legacy to those you care about. With careful planning and Capital Preservation, you may help ensure that you make every dollar count for you and your beneficiaries.

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How Does Capital Preservation Work?

This strategy involves transferring capital from one asset to another asset, letting you replace a “negative tax consequence” asset with an asset that may provide a favorable after-tax result. The solution could be to place your retirement dollars in one of the most tax-efficient vehicles for transferring property to beneficiaries – a life insurance policy. Properly designed and funded, life insurance generally passes tax-free to beneficiaries – helping to preserve the legacy you intended for them to enjoy.

Take the Next Step

If you think Capital Preservation Strategies is the right strategy for your situation, it’s important to work closely with your financial professional. Contact your agent today to find out how this strategy may help you leverage your assets for the next generation.

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